5 Top Highlights From 2018! Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

What a fabulous year it has been and we thought this would be a great opportunity to not just thank all of you but to reflect on a few Highlights from 2018.


4.5 Mystery Shopper Review

Woah, ok this was a total surprise and an absolute honor. We got randomly mystery shopped by our friends at stuff.co.nz and received a 4.5 and rave reviews!


Media Coverage

It was a great highlight to be apart of stuff.co.nz and The Dominion Post hightea story!


Our Amazing Monthly Draw Winners

Every month we would pick a lucky winner to win a spot prize, thank you to everyone who joined in!


Our Delicious Highteas

As much as they are a joy to make, we are sure they were a highlight of yours too, bring on 2019!


Our Web Designer In Paris!

Our web designer was in Paris and we were living through his Images and feedback of our inspirational city, it was definitely a highlight hearing all about it.

Well, we could go on forever to be honest, but 5 top highlights that made 2019 Incredible takes us back through a great year, and we have all of you to thank so, thank-you for your support and on going into 2019.

Happy New Year everyone and please stay safe this festive season! See you all in 2019 :)